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With our nearly 3 decades of experience in the arena of building, construction, and civil engineering, VRR builders has an eminent reputation of building prolific buildings in Bangalore. We are one of the leading construction companies in Bangalore that has made its way to the top by building world class properties with professionalism, work ethics, creativity and the dedication to create something that is truly timeless. With our diverse portfolio of construction of Residential apartments, luxury villas, commercial buildings, townships, other than infrastructure development like Water Supply & Sanitary Works, Site Development, etc., vouches for our expertise in the construction space.

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As builders and developers, we strive to give you the feelings of joy and delight each time to gaze at your home. Our years of experience, innovation and customer satisfaction enables us to offer the following services to our clients:

  • 01.Residential Apartments
  • 02.Luxury Villas
  • 03.Commercial Buildings
  • 04.Townships
  • 05.Joint Venture Development

Build your dreams on our foundation

The name of VRR builders is synonymous to inspiring work ethics, creativity and diligence in the construction space. We persevere to offer state-in-the-art infrastructure to a nation that’s on the way to greatness:

Research & Development Centres

With our mission to build state-of-the art buildings, we have constructed several research and development centres which act as incubation hubs for the growth of knowledge and technological progress. These centres are erected in accordance with the highest standards and norms.

Software Technology Parks

We have built excellent infrastructure for software technology parks which enables them to further the growth of information and technology, thus helping the nation to become an information technology superpower. With modern architecture and innovative technology, we create technology parks that are a symbol of progress.

Educational Institution

We have built several schools and colleges in Bangalore as centres for learning and wisdom, and keeping in mind the changing nature of the educational institution infrastructure. With our immense experience in the construction space, we ensure that the building we erect reflect the values we believe in.

Industrial Institutional Buildings

Industrial buildings need to incorporate elements of durability, safety, environmental and thermal performance, and aesthetics as well. We consider all these aspects while building such institutions and partner with clients to offer them the most appropriate construction solutions using the best raw materials available.


For hospitals and healthcare establishments, it is crucial that standards of safety and hygiene are prioritised and also comfort and durability is taken into account. We offer world class hospital and health care building solutions which are attuned as centres for healing and designed to offer convenience to the people.

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